With an upcoming design project approaching where some permanent fixes aren’t an option for the space, I got to thinking how to create an impact in the room with color and graphics. Enter..wallpaper. Unfortunately, it can’t be used on this project in the traditional sense, then again what fun is that? As I stared at numerous samples and scraps I had lying around in all different shapes and sizes I wondered where I could use them. I compiled a little list of options and ta-da here it is just for you and a little for me and my project.

Wallpaper options

1) Behind shelving
2) On the back of a door
3) As framed art
4) On a lampshade…inside or out!
5) On furniture. The options of placement are endless here
6) The back of stairs.
7) Laminating it for placemats
8) Taking a clear lightswitch cover and transforming it
9) Lining inside of drawers
10) On any old containers for new storage

Using wallpaper in this way makes it more unique and interesting. It’s also a great option if you can’t do a whole wall or room. It not only brings new life to the overall space, but to items in the room that were begging for a makeover. Re-purpose, re-use and make a statement while you’re doing it!

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