I absolutely love an all white space, whether it’s for an office, kitchen or a bathroom. It allows for so much creativity with the rest of the room. The foundation of all white lets your art come alive off the walls, showcases your accessories and highlights great finds like fun, graphic pillows. It lets you play with color and makes it easy to change your color palette on a whim. It allows you to bring in different textures and woods creating dimension. Nothing is more inviting and refreshing than all white; especially in the bathroom where it makes for a spa like experience. These white spaces all pop with a bright pop of color and definitely not with a lack of creativity.

  1. borkbork said: I loooooove all white rooms. My dream room is a huge all white room with a big fluffy white bed, white-painted wood, and ideally the bed would be a fourposter with white fabric! With lots of natural light!
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